Quiet Book Revisited


I get a number of emails every month from people all over the world with queries about certain aspects of my Quiet Book. The increased traffic has been a result of some of my images being ‘pinned’ on Pinterest – I was very excited the day I discovered this!

My Quiet Book post was one of the first posts on my blog so it lacked a little detail – here using my original photos (it is not looking quite so new and shiny any more!) I shall fill in some of the blanks.

But before the photos – here is how I constructed the book (apologies if this is a little long-winded):

  1. Using a neutral coloured felt I cut a 30cm x 30cm square to use as a base
  2. On top of this base I began to layer other elements of the page – covering it completely. For example, half of the page blue for sky and then the remainder of the page green for grass.
  3. Where there was a join of these layering elements I used a blanket stitch to anchor it together – and also to the base.
  4. To further anchor it together I also sewed around all four edges with my sewing machine using a small margin.
  5. Now time to add the details! These were either machine stitched or hand sewed in place (refer to individual pages for details).
  6. When all the pages were complete I decided on the order and then glued the correct pages back to back to form a book using fabric glue.
  7. To finish off the raw edge of the back to back pages I blanket stitched around the 4 edges.
  8. Finally I added eyelets and ring binders .
Now for some more detail:

Front and Back cover

The front and back cover were made the same way – I cut 2 squares of denim fabric to match the size of the pages and sandwiched between some quilting batting. After I had machine stitched some straight lines to anchor them together I finished the pages off with some bias binding to hide the raw edges.

Adam and Eve 

The page was constructed as outlined in the steps above – I added small squares of velcro for Adam, Eve, the clouds and sun after step 4.

For Adam and Eve I cut out 4 people shapes (2 for each person) and added the details to one shape only (eyes, etc.). I then sewed the two shapes together with the sewing machine so the person was now double-sided. The back side of Adam and Eve has the other side of the velcro so they can be attached to the page. I then added the other details like clothes and hair using small whip stitches to attach them to the body.

The Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil

This page was again constructed like the one before – the apple buttons are attached with small squares of velcro. I attached the apples to the velcro using a hot glue gun but in hindsight maybe a few stitches might have been a better idea – some have come undone!

Noah’s Ark

This is probably the page that I get the most questions about – and I understand why because it was so hard to find details/patterns for this one on the internet!

My animals were adapted from this pattern – they are actually finger puppets but I made body shapes instead which I sewed the head onto. I made these similar to the way in which Adam and Eve are constructed – 2 body and head shapes for each animal, the embroidery on one side only so when the 2 sides are sewn together the back of the embroidery is hidden.

The Rainbow


To make the rainbow I cut out a thin arc of each colour out of felt and glued them on to the page lightly so their edges lined up. Then using a matching embroidery floss I stitched them to each other to secure and finish off the raw edge. Hopefully this close-up photo explains it better!

The flowers are again buttons, but instead of velcro I used press studs for this page. The hot glue hasn’t held these all that well either!

Moses in the Basket


This page was constructed similar to Noah’s Ark – using a mixture of machine and hand stitching. I added eyelets to the basket and the ‘rope’ is embroidery floss plaited together and tied in a knot at the end. Moses was made in the same way as Adam and Eve.

Jonah and the Whale


This is probably the most loved page in the book! A zipper for the whales mouth! To make the whale I cut out 2 identical shapes, sewed the bottom down with the machine and then adding the second shape so it created a little ‘pocket’ in which Jonah could be inserted. I was a little worried about him getting lost so he had a string attached. Jonah was made using the same technique as Adam and Eve.


As the pages were put back to back I was left with a blank page at the front and at the end. For the first page I made a title – cutting the alphabet shapes out of felt. And for the last page I added a pocket for a pen/pencil and notepad.

And I should add that the tool that I found the most valuable when making this quiet book was a pair of small tipped and very sharp scissors that could easily cut the finest of details from the felt.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to email me! Soon I hope to share some photos that a lovely lady sent me of the Quiet Book she made using mine as inspiration.

If you need some more ideas, this one over at Handmade by Jill was the main source of my inspiration – I love it!

Thanks for getting through my super long post and excuse the bad quality photos – we have since upgraded our camera :-)

PS. We call it ‘Velcro’ in Australia but I think it might be called ‘Hook and Loop’ in the US – in case you have no idea what I mean!


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  1. ~Carla~
    April 14, 2012 at 6:03 am (6 years ago)

    This is just sooo fabulous!! I really love it!! :)

  2. Isabelle
    May 27, 2012 at 11:04 pm (6 years ago)

    This is so beautiful! You are very talented!