Off the Hook :: pastel baby girl ripple


Just as I was deciding what to start work on next after the mammoth custom order was finished  – another order arrived with perfect timing.

Pastel Baby Girl Ripple 1 handmade & home

This blanket was to be for a baby girl, and together we chose these beautiful muted colours from Bendigo Woollen Mills – Baby Pink, Ghost & Cream and decided on the Neat Ripple pattern from Attic24.

Even though it was only 3 colours, it was most enjoyable to crochet up!

Pastel Baby Girl Ripple 2 handmade & home

I finished it off with a simple border on the ‘wrong’ side of the ripple because I prefered the look of that side – you’ll notice on the photo below there is a distinct difference between the two sides. I’d never really noticed it until I made this blanket – perhaps the lighter colours make it more noticeable?

Pastel Baby Girl Ripple 3 handmade & home

Working on the ‘wrong’ side did make crocheting the border into the initial foundation row a little more tricky, and it did need a little blocking to make it lie a little flatter on that edge – which I did after taking these photos :-)

I definitely will be using this colour combination again!

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  1. Francesca
    September 10, 2015 at 8:39 pm (2 years ago)

    Love this colour combo. It’s so pretty and elegant! x