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Cast On :: 3 Color Cashmere Cowl


3 color cowl handmade and home 3

I know, I know – all you non-Americans reading the title – I have misspelled ‘color’ on purpose :-)

3 color cowl handmade and home 1

Remember that beautiful baby Alpaca yarn that I treated myself to, for my birthday? Well, it’s taken me a while to decide on just the right project for it. There were a few false starts, but I settled on this pattern – 3 Color Cashmere Cowl, but I’ll be using 5 colours instead of 3. I’m also using 8ply on 4mm needles instead of the recommended yarn weight, so hopefully it turns out okay!

3 color cowl handmade and home 4

I can’t begin to describe how lovely this yarn is to knit with! As soft as a cloud. And I just love the cute tea cup stitch marker that I received in one of my Jellywares yarn club packages last year:

3 color cowl handmade and home 3

It’s a fun pattern so far, fairly simple, and just when you’re getting a little tired of a certain stitch, you’re onto the next part.

3 color cowl handmade and home 2

Check out the hashtag on Instagram for lots of different colour combinations! #3colorcashmerecowl

Noro + Charcoal Chevron Scarf


Noro Cascade Chevron Scarf 5-001


Noro Cascade Chevron Scarf 4-001

A few weeks ago, just in time for winter, I finished a work-in-progress from last year – a Noro scarf.

I received a ball of the lovely Noro Taiyo (#48) in a yarn club package from Jellywares in Spring last year. I knew I wanted to knit a lovely scarf with it, but I also knew I’d need a little more yarn to make it a decent length.

I combined it with a 100g ball of charcoal coloured Cascade Superwash 220, and modified this blanket pattern to make it scarf width instead.

Noro Cascade Chevron Scarf 5-001

It was thoroughly enjoyable to knit, and watching the colours change each Noro row kept it interesting as it grew. I kept knitting until I ran out of Noro, and then added a fringe on each end with the same charcoal wool to finish it off.

It’s lovely and warm without being too thick and cumbersome, and it’s long enough to wrap around my neck. Finished length was approx 1.8m.

Noro Cascade Chevron Scarf 1-001

I think it will be well used this winter!

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