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Lazy Daisy 3


Lazy Daisy 2

Lazy Daisy 3

Lazy Daisy 4

Roxy and Daisy

There’s been no shortage of crafting around here – but more of that on Wednesday! In the meantime, here are some photos of our super cute kitten, I felt I needed to document this little stage on the blog, she won’t be this little forever and she quite likes the camera!

She has two distinct personalities – ‘crazy Daisy’ and ‘lazy Daisy’, but definitely prefers the latter, which we’re pretty happy with, as she’s an indoor cat.

Daisy in Cat Cave

via Instagram

Her cat cave is almost complete – I ended up redoing the entire thing, and using the solid colour as the base as it was a lot thicker than the patterned yarn. I just needed a little more to finish the roof, and that yarn has arrived so I’m looking forward to getting it done!

Zpagetti no longer had the same colours, so I had to settle with beige, but at least it won’t become a long forgotten WIP now :-)

Taking Stock :: 6 Feb


Daisy 12 weeks

Daisy 12 weeks

Making: a crochet cat cave for the kitten

Cooking: as little as possible

Reading: new Mollie Makes – which I found at Coles, surprisingly

Wanting: a solid night’s sleep

Looking: forward to the weekend

Playing: with the new kitten!

Deciding: on what to sew next

Wishing: Mum and Dad a safe trip home

Enjoying: being home again

Waiting: for school pickup time

Liking: the new cute and affordable homewares at Kmart

Wondering: where this week went!

Loving: the fact Lucas enjoyed his first morning at Kindy

Pondering: what I’ll do with myself now Lucas will be at Kindy 2 days a week!

Considering: applying for an Easter market

Hoping: I’ll be accepted for above Easter market!

Watching: ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here’…..I know, I know…!

Needing: to do some more unpacking

Smelling: body butter

Wearing: Shorts

Noticing: how sometimes our children are braver than we give them credit for

Knowing: I need to get on top of that washing pile before it consumes me!

Thinking: of how wonderful it was to spend time with extended family recently

Feeling: content

Admiring: how quickly the older two children have settled back into school life

Sorting: holiday treasures

Buying: kitten toys

Getting: organised again, slowly!

Disliking: sore throats and achey bones

Opening: the calendar

Giggling: at the unrequited love our new kitten has for our older cat

Drinking: a nice hot cup of tea

Hearing: the sea breeze in the trees

Feel free to copy and paste to create your own ‘taking stock’. I hope you have a lovely weekend, I’ll be back Monday with something new to make!

Bec xx

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